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Not Here To Save The World EP

Written by: PP on 19/03/2012 14:22:25

I don't know what it is about France and bands inspired by A Day To Remember, but the country seems to be full of them at the moment, and they're all rather good! The latest such addition is the Lyon based outfit Heroes Until Tomorrow, who take the pop-hardcore pioneered by A Day To Remember and interpret it from a post-hardcore perspective instead of the metalcore style purveyed by ADTR. The result is a surprisingly fresh-sounding and definitely super catchy "Not Here To Save The World" EP, which should be taking the band to places, and a record contract at one of the more trend-oriented labels in the near future if they keep things up.

Although the EP is riddled with moments where you can't but think of A Day To Remember, the band takes care of avoiding the clone stamp through the post-hardcore sections, which are best exemplified by the higher pitch clean vocals that are used to a great extent, as well as the slower song tempos and scaling guitars, all of which point the finger directly towards the classic emo/post-hardcore sound of bands like Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights, etc. But given the slight pop punk edge the band throws into the mix every now and then, and the heavier base of the guitars, and of course the pop-hardcore breakdowns, the combination sounds fresh instead of stale and overdone. It also helps that the band deliver the style with enthusiasm and youthful energy, translating into potent chorus melodies and plenty of sing along moments.

And for the hardcore kids, they include power chants such as the "PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER" gang shouts in "Take A Look". These are the moments where one is inclined to think of bands like Confession, The Ghost Inside, Hundredth, etc, who thrive on these sorts of riot inducing moments that erupt their fan base at a live environment. Granted, Heroes Until Tomorrow never use these in as heavy/serious context as the aforementioned bands, often deriving more from the pop punk equivalents (think Set Your Goals, and of course ADTR as mentioned before), as seen on for example "Fight For Glory", one of the highlight tracks of the EP.

So in summary, "Heroes Until Tomorrow" combines the best from both worlds, and offers an ADTR interpretation from a post-hardcore perspective. It's bouncy, it's super catchy, and has a boatload of live energy packed within its songs. Mark my words, this band will start turning heads soon, if they aren't doing that already.

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For the fans of: A Day To Remember, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
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Release date 07.10.2011

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