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Elway caught my interest after they were nominated on several best of 2011 lists that I ran across recently, so I figured I'd check what all the fuzz was about and share with you guys. The result being, of course, a review of their debut album "Delusions", an interesting record that combines together a number of different influences to arrive at a punk-tinged alternative rock sound.

In short, if Eve 6 played punk rock, they'd probably be called Elway and had released "Delusions" instead of their excellent self-titled alternative rock record. Granted, most of this can be attributed to the singing style of their vocalist, who sounds like a dead ringer for Eve 6's Max Collins, because instrumentally the band draw from a combination of The Weakerthans, The Menzingers, and Alkaline Trio. Basically, mid tempo alternative rock that often swings by punk rock territory but keeps things clean and polished enough to appeal to the alt rock crowd. Kind of like The Swellers, but less pop punk oriented, I suppose.

That said, their vocalist uses his voice to similar effect as Tom May of The Menzingers on their latest album "On The Impossible Past", in that he isn't afraid to break it into a halfway scream or a rough patch if he feels like he needs to add character and emphasize a verse part or a chorus. And like May, he does it particularly well to create a convincing expression that sounds as passionate as it does accessible.

That's the key reason why some people are head over heels in love with "Delusion". Songs like "Passing Days", "Whispers In A Shot Glass" and "Kristina's Last Song" are prime examples of simple alternative rock songs that have been made more interesting with some tempo variation, clean riffs, and excellent vocal work that lifts the songs to another level. While I wouldn't go as far as nominate "Delusions" as a missing piece on my best of 2011 list personally, I can certainly see why some people think so highly of it. It's a solid album that combines your usual punk rock influences together with alternative rock in a way that's seldom heard these days (look towards Sharks or The Gaslight Anthem basically), and they do it convincingly.

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For the fans of: Eve 6, The Menzingers, The Weakerthans, Alkaline Trio, The Swellers
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Release date 10.05.2011
Red Scare

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