Karma And Effect

Written by: PP on 30/05/2005 15:27:12

Did you think Seether's hit songs "Driven Under" or "Fine Again" were catchy? Well think again, because their sophomore album "Karma And Effect" houses songs so unbeliavably catchy that it's hard to believe this album wouldn't become their breakthrough album outside of North America. Songs like "Burrito", "Remedy", and "I'm The One" are good old Seether - post-grunge/hard rock at it's best. Simple but hard riffs, soared vocals and the incredibly catchy choruses guarantee high sales figures for this album. However, as you're listening to the album from start to finish it starts falling through in the middle. Songs like "Given", "Never Leave", and "Diseased" are just too slow and too quiet, causing a pause-effect on the overall flow of the album. I was hoping for a complete hard rock record without the near-acoustic slow songs from Seether, but apparently their success with "Broken" provoked them to continue on the same line. Overall, "Karma And Effect" is a good mix of post-grunge/hard rock and slow rock.


Download: Burrito, Remedy

For the fans of: Breaking Benjamin, 12 Stones

Release date 24.05.2005


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