Bone White Beast

Beast Rising (demo)

Written by: PP on 16/04/2012 06:28:43

Bone White Beast are a brand new rock'n'roll / metal band who reside only a few hundred meters away from where I live on Islands Brygge, Copenhagen. They claim to be playing 'old school metal' in their promo material accompanying their debut demo "Beast Rising", but really, their genes are far more rock'n'roll than metal at least if judged by tracks like the title-track or "Mind Trap". While the guitars have some metallic elements to them dating all the way back to their inspirations in Metallica, Priest, etc, for the most part they reach deep into rock'n'roll territory with a slightly rowdy and disorderly attitude dominating the EP.

And this is where their potential lies. Despite "Beast Rising" being their very first effort at writing and recording music, the members and well-versed in their own instruments, and even the vocalist is surprisingly good once you get used to his (so far) somewhat undeveloped singing style. He's got a knack for a semi-catchy chorus, so once their studio skills improve, so should his voice on the record, provided he doesn't proceed further towards Hetfield imitation than currently. The guitarists, too, will gain much benefit from having their classic rock'n'roll axmanship highlighted a little more by a professional production.

But most importantly, "Beast Rising" cannot be criticized for its song material, at least not heavily. That's a tell-tale sign of a band that knows what they're doing, which is fantastic news all things above taken into consideration. So even though the four tracks on "Beast Rising" might not be deal breakers just yet, they're a good start and a solid foundation for the band to build upon for their future records.


Download: Mind Trap, Beast Rising
For the fans of: Chainfist, Bullet Train Blast, Nitroforce 9, Revolt
Listen: Myspace

Release date 27.03.2012

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