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Spraynard are a critically acclaimed pop punk band from Pennsylvania, whose sophomore album "Funtitled" placed high up on several best-of lists last year. It passed underneath our radar back then, but I've since had a few listens to the record and can report back that it's a rock solid mixture of the shout-along punk of Red City Radio, the roughened and screamed out loud pop punk of The Menzingers, and the nostalgia-driven melodic punk that was championed by Latterman back in the day. They'll be coming to Denmark in just over a week in support of their newest EP "Exton Square", so here's a short review of what to expect.

Basically, if the aforementioned bands characterized their full length, then "Exton Square" is best described through comparisons to actual 90s and 90s-influenced emo bands such as Braid, Everyone Everywhere, The Promise Ring, et cetera. The upbeat explosiveness with which the band delivered their energetic punk rock sound in the past has been exchanged with a slightly more contemplative and indie-flavored vibe, or a more experimental style if you will. Especially "You Can't Get There From Here" and "Trembling" are good examples of the 90s emo scene leaving its mark on Spraynard. I'm not sure if it's for the better exactly, but it's an interesting twist that expands the tempo and style arsenal that Spraynard can offer in a live environment.

But don't get me wrong: "Exton Square" is still essentially a pop punk record. It's just leaning heavily on 90s emo bands for, err, moral support so to say, and that need not be a bad thing. After all, The Menzingers changed significantly on their critically acclaimed "On The Impossible Past", so why not Spraynard too? It isn't quite as drastic change, perhaps, but it is nonetheless one which might have some Spraynard fans scratching their head over what to think about it.

Download: Trembling, Can I Borrow A Feeling?
For the fans of: Everyone Everywhere, Promise Ring, Braid all in a pop punk format
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 17.04.2012
Asian Man Records

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