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What I'm Calling Home These Days EP

Written by: TL on 23/04/2012 14:37:34

Right peeps, it's a work day again, and that means it's time for me to see if I can squeeze another review of yet another young band in among my accomplishments for the day. Today the lucky subjects are Young Youth an experimental indie rock quartet from Buffalo, NY, who dropped an EP called "What I'm Calling Home These Days" back in late Decembter. Their disc is not an easy one to review however, because on it the guys in behind the instruments stubbornly defy any attempts at easy comparisons, sounding at times grungy (a bit like Sainthood Reps maybe), at times post-hardcore-ish and all the time halfway low-fi, halfway progressive. It's an odd yet unique mix that's hard to firmly classify, yet when factoring in the sharp, bitter vocal work of singer Anthony Musior, it gets hard no to think of Glassjaw; only Young Youth aren't as complex or destructive, or of Gatsby's American Dream; only Young Youth are never quite as poppy, or of What Hands Are For; only at their steady medium pace, Young Youth are never quite as wild.

This music then is a strangely bleak, buzzing and bitter proposition, which proves sort of difficult to appreciate for more dynamically and melodically inclined listeners such as myself. Fortunately for these guys however, they've managed to pen some rather strong refrains for Munsior to belt out, particularly in songs like "Hell Hath No Fury Like The One I Got" - which lends its title to some forceful repetition - and in "Dream", in which Munsior reflects on his life with gloom crying out lines such as "when I tried to find the answer, I nearly went insane" to rather memorable and recognisable effect. What's problematic for Young Youth though, is that I don't think they do well enough at surrounding these moments with stuff that's anywhere near as captivating, which could lead you into them, and instead you can easily get the feeling like you're sort of sitting around and waiting for the good bits. Combine this with the somewhat dreary tempo the band insists on playing at, and the rather awful secondary vocals that make an appearance on the title track, and you have some problems these guys need to solve before I think they can fully realise their potential. For now though, they still offer a rather characteristic sound and some tasty refrains, so if you like any of the bands I've made vague comparisons to, maybe you should keep an eye on them anyway.

Download: Hell Hath No Fury Like The One I Got; Dream; I Found Rome Brick, I Leave It Marble
For The Fans Of: What Hands Are For, Sainthood Reps, Gatsby's American Dream, Glassjaw

Release Date 23.12.2011

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