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Moon Songs

Written by: TL on 24/04/2012 14:33:51

While their name may sound like it, I can't confirm whether or not Portland trio Lee Corey Oswald are in any way related to a certain fellow who once supposedly shot a president. What I can instead confirm however - at least if their album "Moon Song", released back in November last year - is that these lads are a band you should consider listening to if you enjoy quieter songs by bands like The Menzingers or Against Me, or emoer punk like that of bands like Run, Forever or Tigers Jaw. Yet that doesn't really begin to cover what's on offer on "Moon Songs", because while the vocals may mainly come from a dude who constistenly rocks a 'punk rock Morrissey' kind of style, the instrumental side of the band is downright schizophrenic.

They'll open with a slow song in "Well, I Wanna Die", sounding like some late 90's, early Jimmy Eat World-ish step on the road from grunge to emo, then amp up straight-forward, dirty punk rock chord progressions that sounds like sloppy old NOFX in "Blister", and before the record's fourteen tracks are over, they will also have been around delicious emotive dynamics alá The Menzingers on "Egg On", down-played spidery guitar/bass intricacies that reminds me of Cursive on "Dinosores" and happy, bouncy folk-punk on "Gloria". This may sound like a mouthful, and truthfully "Moon Songs" offers more questions than answers if you're the type to prefer bands that have a firmly defined identity. It isn't so bad however, because the guys in the band sound like they feel right at home, no matter which end of their sound they're experimenting in, and when you add their solid understanding for keeping things dynamic and singing decent harmonies, you actually get a trip through an album that is altogether enjoyable.

What rather needs a little work then, is such a simply thing as hooks, as the songs here are arguably still a far cry from having the staying power of the good efforts by some of the bands I've compared them to thus far. Simply put, "Moon Songs" isn't quite jam packed with refrains that will move into your brain already on the first few listens, but fortunately for Lee Corey Oswald, the sheer diversity of their sound is enough to encourage anyone to keep the record spinning from end to end anyway. So if any of the references I've dropped have invoked positive recognition from you, then this comes recommended as a solid good-mood inducing record for you.


Download: Egg On, Dinosores, Gloria
For The Fans Of: punk-rock and Morrissey.. so I guess The Menzingers; Against Me; Run, Forever and Tigers Jaw maybe?
Listen: facebook.com/LeeCoreyOswald

Release Date 02.11.2011

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