The Wandering

Written by: AZ on 04/05/2012 13:59:08

It is no secret that the djent/progressive/death/tech wave is strong and bands offering a peak in eternity through black holes, death starts and endless pits of agony are to be found almost everywhere. By the time Meshuggah's latest release "Koloss" is already consumed and digested, it is time to look at yet another band that has taken some parts of the death and destruction brought in, to a great extent, by the Swedish gods of chaos.

Painting a somewhat different picture of Armageddon, unlike fellow apocalypse bringers Oceano or Suicide Silence, Bermuda is here to make us witness the end of all things to come...or are they? With a glance at what some people may consider face-melting or bone-crushing, "The Wandering" looks for answers to questions that are not that obvious and straightforward.

It may be sufficient to say that the five-piece metal band from Oxnard, California aims to break the stereotype of countless breakdowns and hard to follow – as far as headbanging goes – riffs. Their way of achieving this is by pouring little but noticeable elements in the songs that diverge the audience's attention. The result is at hand - after songs like "Invictus, Unconquered" or "Polaris Breach" the concert hall should still be painted in red with internal organs falling from the ceiling. The small difference is that the screams uttered during this blasphemous act should echo until the end of eternity – or at least this is how Bermuda envisioned it to be.

The guys skillfully incorporate off-time, mechanical fast and precise breakdowns with threads of gentle and sincere passages that aim to capture the attention of the common listener. Pouring fire from the sky with the help of drummer Miguel, inflating and augmenting the their music with deep growls from vocalist Corey and compressing the atmosphere to an absolute vacuum with the helping hand of bassist Todd and guitar duo Michael and Tyler, the band provides a solid background to the beginning of the end.

As a surprise comes Bermuda's statement concerning their ultimate goal - make people believe that their music is directed towards the ones who are lost, who are unloved and angry. Well, if this is the case next time I want to make a friend smile I'll hit him with a shovel in the face until the "smiling" becomes his only facial expression.


Download: Invictus, Unconquered, Polaris Breach, Obstruction
For The Fans Of: Oceano, Suicide Silence, Impending doom
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Release Date 24.04.2012
Mediaskare Records

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