Amongst Carrion

We That Should Not Be EP

Written by: PP on 31/05/2012 03:00:22

Amongst Carrion are a brand new Newport, UK five piece hoping to cash in the recent resurgence of metalcore in the UK by claiming bands like Parkway Drive, Miss May I, August Burns Red, and Lamb Of God as their main influences along the way on their latest EP "We That Should Not Be". However, their problem is exactly the same as with so many other British hopefuls lately: they attempt to copy a bunch of sounds together without ever finding a proper identity, and thus their music sounds boring and generic in comparison to the best bands in the genre.

It's not that the band doesn't possess talent, though. The melodic lead riff of the title track "We That Should Not Be" is immediately attention-grabbing and makes the band sound different from the masses. The bridges suck, but the metalcore riffing is fine during the verses, and suggests that despite tendency to follow blindly what other bands have done in the past, there is some originality and will to innovate to be found within the band.

"We That Should Not Be", however, is not the innovation overall that's needed to make the band interesting for the larger crowds. As it stands now, the songs aren't particularly interesting, and fail to capture the imagination of anyone else but their hometown locals. The fact is they are in an incredibly saturated genre, and this release does nothing to separate them from thousands of other young bands doing exactly the same thing.


Download: Painted Red, Shadows Over Me
For the fans of: Architects, Caliban, Machinemade God
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Release date 21.11.2011

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