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The Fall, The Rise EP

Written by: PP on 20/06/2012 21:40:01

The Fall, The Rise are a small alternative rock / post-hardcore band from Birmingham, UK, whose self-titled EP references many of the pioneering post-hardcore bands from the 90s as well as the big names of alternative rock from the same era. So what you can expect is a 50/50 split between Quicksand / Finger Eleven type of original post-hardcore that later spawned an entirely different-sounding scene, as well as roughened alternative rock that most of all sounds like Incubus circa "Make Yourself" era, at least on their heavier tracks.

"Bravo", for instance, sounds like a long-lost track between "S.C.I.E.N.C.E" and "Make Yourself". It has all the aggression of the former, while retaining the accessible, melodic sound of the latter, without forgetting to imprint the Quicksand stamp on top of it. Essentially, the whole EP is basically a variation of that formula, aside from maybe "The Hollow Sound of Girlfriends Clapping", which is a heavier and more chaotic song that draws from the likes of These Arms Are Snakes. In a way, there's also a lot of early Lostprophets in the mix as well, which probably isn't surprising considering they're a British band as well.

To sound so much alike many legendary bands can sometimes lead into identity problems, but I feel like The Fall, The Rise handle their influences well enough here for that not to be a problem. They merely source their sound from their inspirations, but deliver it with their own character and expression. It makes it easy to get into their music because of how familiar it sounds, but it navigates carefully between the bands to avoid sounding like a clone band. That's a difficult thing to do, so credit must go where credit is due. Excited to hear more material from this group in the future, most of all because I'm a sucker for the 90s era of alternative rock.


Download: Bravo, Speak Ill Of The Dead
For the fans of: These Arms Are Snakes, Quicksand, Incubus, Finger Eleven, Lostprophets (first album)
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 30.01.2012

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