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Written by: PP on 23/12/2006 04:39:07

Prom Night Fist Fight are one hell of a confused band on their debut EP "In Response To". It's as if every member of the band wanted to drag the band into their own direction, and as a compromise solution they just included a song from each genre to avoid an open confrontation between each other, which is perhaps also displayed in the band's name?

The electronica/dance beat intro "Now You Gotta Dance" and the effect-laden Hellogoodbye-esque instrumental "Take Yo Clothes Off" point towards the success of bands like Panic! At The Disco, and feel utterly misplaced in between songs like "Red White And Bruised" - a more than an obvious rip off from The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. If I didn't know better, I would be ready to place money on a bet that the emo screams and clean parts were sung by the Apparatus singer with early Taking Back Sunday still resonating within his mind.

So far you've had one electronica, one dance and one emo song. So what better than to throw a harsh-as-fuck hardcore track resembling I Killed The Prom Queen onto the EP with some seriously deep growling? You guessed right, that's exactly what "She Tastes Like Texas" is. And it doesn't stop here. The next track "Small Horns" is like the previous one gone metalcore - fast basic scales gone up and down with severe, but oh-so-cliche breakdowns found exactly where your favorite bands left them on their albums.

The main problem with "In Response To EP" is not in its nonexistent originality or their songwriting skills, because as similar to others and as simple as the varying songs are, all of them are at least close attempts to create something from the better half of their respective genres. What does bother me, though, is the sheer unorganization of it all. You're left off with four different genres on one EP, and you're not exactly sure what the band wanted to achieve here at all. Do they want to enter the hardcore/metalcore fusion scene where As I Lay Dying reigns? Do they want to create overly catchy melodies a la The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus? Is this just the band experimenting with different sounds to see which one the public likes the best? Hopefully their next EP will be more focused than this.


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For the fans of: The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, I Killed The Prom Queen, Taking Back Sunday
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Release date 12.01.2007

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