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Written by: PP on 12/07/2012 03:49:53

Not sure exactly why Australia based post-rock band Solkyri are sending us their release from a year ago in February for review now, but here is one of "No House" anyway. Our post-rock specialist DR hasn't been available to dissect this release with his all-knowing prowess of the style, but not to worry, the undersigned also knows a thing or two about the genre often dubbed as 'forevercore' for its seemingly eternal build ups into melodically exploding climaxes.

Not to worry though, because Solkyri do a reasonable good job at keeping the listener interest despite a couple of songs averaging around the ten-minute mark, most notably because of the clever usage of the flute. The soft, beautiful melodies of the instrument are often pushed to the forefront of the sound to lead the soundscape instead of just supporting it, which results into many lush, optimistic-sounding, even folk-ish melodies (in the context of post-rock of course). The band also balance their softer side with firm atmospheres and some heavier guitar instrumentation that is almost definitely inspired from the likes of Sleepmakeswaves and other post-rock colleagues from Australia.

The record is packed with immense crescendos that progress into climaxes of sound, epic arrays of floaty melody and occasionally the heavier type as well. If that sounds like your typical post-rock band, then that's because Solkyri do little to differentiate themselves from the pack. The play the genre by the books, but they do it reasonably well, so fans of the genre should be checking out this release, but don't expect it to become the Nth wonder o the genre.

Download: Zee Germans, This Can't Wait
For the fans of: Mogwai, Sleepmakeswaves,
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Release date 20.02.2011

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