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Written by: PP on 12/07/2012 04:35:00

Some of you may remember me looking into the Indonesian punk scene last year as a result of punks being detained and 're-educated' by the muslim authority in the country. It turns out there's more where that came from, so I'm starting to assume technical skate punk's the real deal when it comes to the scene over there. Straight At Venue are from Surabaya, the second largest city in the country, and swear by breakneck speed, pedal-to-the-floor type of skate punk coupled with jaw-dropping technical flair.

Therefore, their references and influences are fairly obvious: Belvedere, Rufio, This Is A Standoff, Bigwig, etc, on one end, and the NUFANs and Lagwagons on the other end. It's a combo type of sound that takes the catchy clean vocals of the latter and conjoins it with the frantic melodies of the former, so you can expect lots of crazy guitar lines delivered at ridiculous speeds and infectious vocal harmonies to top off the mix. What makes the album more interesting, however, is the usage of both English and their native language Indonesian. The languages are split evenly across the record, and it's refreshing to hear that no matter which one is used, their high-octane technical punk rock sounds equally good.

The highlight of the album is probably "Future", which features a chick called Cece from a band called Westfall (also Indonesian) on guest vocals, which adds an extra summery and pop punk-ish vibe to their overall skate punk sound. Moreover, the song has a chorus to kill for, but then again that's a common thread throughout the album. "Future" may not be the kind of album that'll challenge the behemoths within the genre, but it's a surprisingly good look into an established sound coming from a part of the world you're not used to hearing anything about in this context.


Download: Phenomenon Of The Period, Solusi, Future
For the fans of: Hogwash, Rejected Kids, Belvedere, Half Hearted Hero, Rufio
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 25.01.2012

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