Strength Approach

With Or Without You

Written by: PP on 15/08/2012 06:53:25

Strength Approach are a fairly typical European hardcore band from Italy, in that they have the spirit, the aggression, and the street attitude, but aren't able to escape the generic hardcore stereotypes. Germany alone is full of Strength Approach type of bands, and while some of them like Risk It!, Anchor, and Ritual have recently shown progress, these guys deliver a standard, two-step friendly, down-tuned hardcore approach with questionable monotone vocals and predictable mosh sessions breaking away a few times in each song.

That said, it doesn't prevent "With Or Without You" from being an entirely decent album. "Do Or Die" and "Revenge Is Mine" should open up the pits easily with their solid down-tuned riffing and two-step rhythms, even if they aren't bringing anything new or innovative to the genre. Like most of their peers, these are tunes designed to wreak havoc live more so than on record, where they are merely fist-pump inducing tracks of hardcore energy at its most primal. Street, punk, etc influences are also clearly audible in various parts of the record. So in a nutshell, if the bands in the for the fans section below belong to your regular consumption, expect to like Strength Approach as well, even though "With Or Without You" won't be among your favorite records this year.

Download: Do Or Die, Revenge Is Mine
For the fans of: All For Nothing, No Turning Back, Final Prayer, Backfire!, Black Friday '29
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Release date 30.03.2012
Demons Run Amok / GSR

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