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If last year's "Inundate" didn't already convince you, then "Gerra" undoubtedly will: Sectu are the best death metal band to have come out of Sweden in recent memory. Where "Inundate" introduced the Swedish technical death metallers as a portrait of their influences in Death, Morbid Angel, and Immolation, "Gerra" establishes them as an elite death metal band with viscerally awesome riffs and brutalized instrumentation that leaves nothing more to be desired within the genre. Their brand of thick, unassumptious death metal on "Gerra" mows down all negating arguments through quality craftmanship, despite relying on age-old formulas within the genre. Simply put, "Gerra" is the work of a cult band in progress, a powerful mission statement that "Inundate" wasn't just beginner's luck or a fluke from a band that respects its inspirations a little too much, it was the beginning of a journey that on "Gerra" takes the band a step further towards timeless legend.

Those are some big words about "Gerra", but that's because I'm now absolutely convinced that Sectu will soon be elevated into a league with the best bands within the genre as soon as enough death metal fans hear their releases - especially this one. The intricacy found within their riffs is awe-inspiring, with especially the Slayer-esque rain of riffs on "Havoc" blowing away the listener through their pure evil sound. But also the remaining material on the record justifies the praise. Metal riffs in general rarely come with as much power and precision-guided accuracy as those Sectu deliver here, all the while making their sound as catchy as the death metal label permits in the process. That is, still brutal and uncompromising, but without the short-sighted pummeling that many of their peers often fall back to. Every riff, every melody has a purpose here.

But not just that, the band excels in variety. Whether it's the manic rapid-fire riffing of "Declaration of War", or the more atmospheric build up of "Manifest", the quality of songwriting impresses throughout, and practically should make Sectu a shoe-in alongside the elite of death metal bands. It's a viciously technical sound that ensures its listener is constantly on his toes. I may have been in doubt before, but "Gerra" simply leaves me no choice: Sectu deserve to be standing on an even plateau with the old guard from death metal. Criminally underrated within its own scene.

Download: Havoc, Nightwraiths, Declaration of War
For the fans of: Morbid Angel, Death, Immolation, Atheist
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Release date 07.06.2012
ViciSolum Productions

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