Death By Stereo

Death For Life

Written by: PP on 01/06/2005 15:32:10

Wow. It's been long since i've heard as great hardcore as the stuff on Death By Stereo's new album "Death For Life". Or perhaps I should call them melo-hardcore, but they are just on the edge so it's hard to distinguish. The first thing you notice when listening to the reckless opening track "Binge Purge" are the vocals. They are thrown up so furiously, that you start fearing that the vocalist will jump through your stereos with a look on his face that could kill. Explosive energy movement indeed. Think of Atreyu's thrown up vocals sung a lot faster on top of far more complex guitars. The songs include Children of Bodom style solos such as in "This Curse Of Days" and impressively catchy verse riffs such as in "I Give My Life". This is an album that hasn't left my cd player for about a month now, and the only thing keeping them from a full 10er with this release is the somewhat weak "Don't Piss On My Neck And Tell" towards the end of the album. But otherwise, Death By Stereo have definitely hit the bullseye with their third album.


Download: This Curse Of Days, Binge Purge

For the fans of: Atreyu, Still Remains

Release date 07.06.2005


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