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Songs In The Key Of Fuck

Written by: PP on 15/09/2012 02:59:56

I stumbled upon St Louis based The Fuck Off And Dies by accident. I can't remember why, possibly because it features the singer of Story Of The Year on vocals, but it doesn't matter, because any band with a name like that whose album title is "Songs In The Key Of Fuck" deserves to be reviewed if for no other reason than comedic value. So it turns out we're dealing with a rather juvenile bunch (ORLY): every single song of their 17-song 'fuck opera' has something to do with the word 'fuck', whether implicitly or directly. Consider these song titles, for instance: "FUC401K", "WTF (There's No Beer Left)", "ASAFP", "Sk8 Or Fucking Die", or "Putting The FU Back In Fun".

So yeah, these guys really love to sing about the word fuck, in fact they do it for about thirty-three minutes over the course of the album where every single song requires a parental advisory sticker. Musically, they play a fairly standard melodic, yet roughened punk rock expression, which means they aren't all that good but the 'fuck' theme is propelling them into levels they probably shouldn't otherwise be at based on the material on offer here. Sure, there's the occasional moment that induces a few chuckles, such as the desperate chatter on "WTF (There's No Beer Left)", but otherwise the whole 'fuck' theme isn't executed with as much enthusiasm and fun times as it should be in order to make a difference. Even the more hardcore inspired songs that last under a minute aren't enough to push the band away from mediocrity.

The no-frills, slightly Midwestern influenced standard punk rock format works to some extent on a few songs, but overall, "Songs In The Key Of Fuck" is merely a standard punk album with a gimmick-y name, nothing more, nothing less.


Download: Let's Get Fucked Up, FUC401K, ASAFP
For the fans of: Standard punk rock
Listen: Bandcamp

Release date 19.12.2011

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