The Murderburgers

How To Ruin Your Life

Written by: PP on 01/10/2012 06:09:30

The Murderburgers are a no-frills pop punk band from Scotland who fit all the stereotypical criteria the genre has to offer: party-loving, tongue-in-cheek dudes playing simplistic songs with infectiously catchy melodies and focus on the 'no bullshit' approach to songwriting. Just like The Dopamines, The 20Belows, The Priceduifkies, The Copyrights and dozens of others like them, their songs are good precisely because they've been solely written for the purpose of having fun, not for critical acclaim or artistic ambition. And that's what their latest album "How To Ruin Your Life" is good for: having brainless fun and singing along to super-catchy songs in sweaty basement/DIY venues alongside a few dozen other like-minded dudes.

All-instrumental, one minute pop punker "It's Burger Time" sets the tone of the record to be that of playful, bright riffs laid on top of fast paced power chords. When the clean vocals come in, you'll instantly think of pretty much every band in the genre, whether it's Teenage Bottlerocket or The Hextalls. So no points for originality or innovation, but the band compensates with enjoyable pop punk tunes despite their textbook nature. Some, like "Broken Brain" are a little heavier and darker than others, whereas songs like "Unemployment Here I Come" or "Moron" are bright and impossibly catchy, easily the highlights on the record alongside "Gimme Gimme Negativity".

Essentially, "How The Ruin Your Life" is a good album in a genre that seldom produces bad records. It's not as good as the last few by The Dopamines or some of the other bands mentioned in this review, but then again the standard has been set fairly high recently. Buy it if you like no-frills pop punk is basically how this review can be summed up to a single sentence.


Download:Unemployment Here I Come, Gimme Gimme Negativity, Moron
For the fans of: The Dopamines, The 20Belows, The Priceduifkies, The Copyrights, Teenage Bottlerocket
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Release date 17.04.2012
Monster Zero Records

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