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Written by: PP on 11/10/2012 17:23:23

After witnessing a spectacular live performance by Feed The Rhino in support of Gallows a couple of weeks ago where the band basically tore the venue into shreds, my intrigue was triggered on how they might fare on a studio record. Turns out, their sophomore album "The Burning Sons" was released only a couple of months ago to critical acclaim, which serves as further evidence as to why Feed The Rhino are considered to be one of the most exciting bands in the UK underground hardcore/metalcore scene at the moment, their live reputation notwithstanding.

They combine a breadth of influence from a number of critically acclaimed and diverse bands within hardcore and metalcore, ranging from the Southern groove of Every Time I Die through the inspirational hardcore of While She Sleeps, the gritty underground London hardcore of Gallows on their early material, as well as some more chaotic brand of hardcore from the Norma Jean school of thought. Consequently, "The Burning Sons" is a hell of a groovy album packed with jarring hardcore passages, but with subtle amounts of melody injected into the otherwise harshly screamed vocals. To put it in simple terms, they combine the best of all aforementioned bands, and put it together into a package of their own. It's a brand of hardcore that lends itself perfectly for their frantic and manic stage show, but also allows for some more epic and atmospheric passages when necessary. Rock'n'roll groove in the vein of Maylene & The Sons Of Disaster exists in nuances as well, meaning that it's not as monotonous nor as in-your-face aggressive as some of their colleagues tend to be in the genre.

That serves as an advantage for Feed The Rhino as it allows their songs some breathing room, which subsequently leads into more depth and intricacy because of the space they can expand into. That said, they still keep the urgency levels sky-high, so fans of chaotic mosh pits need not to worry. And it's the combination of this type of songwriting and their intense live performance that their hype is built around. Don't miss out.


Download: Flood The System, Nothing Lost, The Burning Sons
For the fans of: While She Sleeps, Every Time I Die, Heights, Gallows, Norma Jean
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Release date 16.07.2012
In At The Deep End Records

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