The Great Architect

Written by: PP on 25/10/2012 20:50:14

The first moments of "The Great Architect" are solid. Good clean vocals contrasted with solid screaming on the background just like any post-hardcore / metalcore release of today. Even afterwards, a ripping metalcore lead opens the possibility of HateTyler actually being an interesting band in an extremely saturated and crowded genre. But as quickly as it begins to sound promising, it falls apart into a devastating mess of generic breakdowns, boring song dynamics, and completely uncharismatic and uncharacteristic soundscape, save for a couple of decent clean choruses here and there.

Ladies and gentlemen, here we have a prime example of what the term 'generic metalcore' actually means. Sub par monotonous vocalist who sounds a little bit like a C-rated version of Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta with his hardcore barks, and completely repetitive and anonymous instrumental work that feels both uninspired and occasionally stolen (when the grooves go too heavily in Pantera territory). Simply put, HateTyler sound exactly as those legions of Killswitch Engage clones that were never any good either. The songs drag on and on with muddy production and unimaginative riffs, almost always suddenly ending in a breakdown section with no real bridge or connecting section in between.

The real issue is that "The Great Architect" isn't even that bad of an album. I can't sit here and hate it because it does have songs like the first one and "Stop Me" which have a few good passages within them. No, the problem is that it's just so dead on average for the genre, the minimum effort to make recording an album worthy of time and money. The problem is also who's going to listen to this outside of their local scene in Italy? When your choices are between thousands of bands in a similar genre, why stick with mediocre when you can go for the best?


Download: Devil Park, Stop me
For the fans of: Killswitch Engage, Devildriver, Pantera
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Release date 11.06.2012
This Is Core Records

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