Anger Denial Acceptance

Written by: PP on 01/11/2012 20:40:13

Some of our older readers might remember Spineshank as being one of the key nu-metal names before the genre crashed and burned in a vicious, all-consuming fire that left only a couple of relics remaining. Spineshank were also victims of the mass exodus, disbanding in 2004 having released only three albums between 1998 and 2003. They reunited a few years ago, which has inevitably resulted in the release of their fourth studio album, "Anger Denial Acceptance", which should give gray hairs to most reviewers given its stubborn reluctance of leaving the ashes of nu-metal behind.

"Anger Denial Acceptance" likes to think that the last decade simply didn't happen. Its industrial tone and nu-metal stance remains virtually unchanged from the principles that governed the style back in the day, straight from the pseudo-heavy, crunchy riffing to the cookie monster style screams and growls, to the cleaner, Slipknot-style chorus melodies. Yet it's not simply a rehash of their most successful album "The Height Of Callousness", as the industrial electronics have been mostly abandoned from the mix, now functioning only as a mere undertone in the midst of a generic nu-metal mess. I say mess, because "Anger Denial Acceptance" is about as uninspiring as a record gets in 2012. The production has left most of the gruff vocals and the nonsensical nu-metal riffs seemingly untouched, resulting in a blurry and muddy soundscape that's only briefly elevated out of its miserably generic hole by Santos' clean vocal choruses that are fairly catchy in places. But more worryingly, listening to the record makes you think you're back in 2002 with all the Limp Bizkits and Trapts and Static-X's, you know, also known as the era when popular heavy music went to die in a dark alleyway until its metalcore-driven resurrection a few years later.

It's just not a good thing to be thinking "well, this sounds pretty dated" on any record, but especially not on a pure nu-metal record. There are bands who can still pull this style off convincingly and write a great record (see Denmark's Mnemic, for instance), but Spineshank are definitely not one of them based on their comeback album.

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Release date 19.06.2012
Century Media

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