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"Mnemesis" was released on the same day as the miserable Spineshank comeback album "Anger Denial Acceptance", which provides a direct contrasting opportunity between two very similar sounding records. Both are essentially nu metal records at their core (though Mnemic incorporate a certain degree of Danish metal to their sound as well), but "Mnemesis" is simply a far superior record in every aspect and demonstrates how a sound based in nu metal can still be highly exhilarating even in 2012.

One needs but a single quick listen to the first half of the album to be convinced that it is indeed so. Already on opening track "Transcend" Mnemic impress with crunchy and distorted metal guitars, harsh growls, and a ridiculously catchy clean vocal chorus that underlines why they have often been considered one of the very best metal bands in the country. But the absolute highlight of the record is "Junkies On The Storm", which has an industrial nu-metal atmosphere throughout, before a brilliant, uplifting chorus drives the song home as probably the best nu-metal track you'll hear in 2012. The slightly roughened clean vox vs the raw growls creates a solid contrast here, which gives the song not only character, but also longevity and depth, which is a rare sight in this genre to start out with.

You might notice though that I only mentioned the first half of the record above. That's because the second half lags behind as slightly more anonymous, with few standout tracks comparable to the two aforementioned or "I've Been You". They're still good tracks featuring a quintessentially Mnemic soundscape - the melodic hybrid between Danish metal and nu metal - but when they are against a stack of single candidates with international potential, they don't feel as powerful as they probably should. That said, "Mnemesis" continues Mnemic's impressive run of releasing albums that stand above so many of their national peers.

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For the fans of: Spineshank, Sybreed, Fear Factory
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Release date 19.06.2012
Nuclear Blast

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