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Written by: SC on 04/11/2012 20:54:40

This fourth full-length record “Atlas” from the Australian metalcore-band Parkway Drive arrived at my doorstep last week, and what did I expect? I expected to be disappointed by a premature and unqualified record after their third record “Deep Blue”(2010) which really surprised me with its quality. Could the combination of hardcore-punk and heavy metal from Parkway Drive go the distance or had they done their deeds?

Boy, could they go the distance! If you ask me they have taken their interpretation of metalcore to a whole new level. On this record they have allowed space to some symphonic arrangements, some nu-metal scratching and some enchanting girl choirs together with their hardcore/metalcore sound. An example is the track “The River” which concerns the theme of suicide by throwing yourself into the river. The river is embodied through a choir of a soft muse singing which draws you into the cold rushing water. This twist in soundscape is really a joy. These new elements are never a dominating factor but just nice elements that evolve the music.

Personally I do not like the shouting choir by the band members on the track “Wild Eyes” (as well as “Home is For the Heartless” on the "Deep Blue" record). Because it points towards a band-crowd séance of shouting forwards and backwards and it feels a bit misplaced and forced. But in spite of this element of shouting the rest of the track works out just fine and does not really spoil anything when it is done.

The frustration and anger against society and the feeling of being a misfit are some of the pillars on this explosion of a record. The intensity of the double-pedal-drums, the massive wall of the guitars and the bass combined with the constant roaring of the vocals really fulfill this record. “Sleight of Hand” is in my eyes the best track on the entire record. It combines the hardcore-punk with some elements of groove-metal, and it contains and specifies all the elements and reasons of why you should run to the store and buy this album. This 12 track and 48:06 minutes long record plays its full length without you noticing. The speed and intensity is incredible throughout the entire record. The production is way better this time, and it really helps Parkway Drive evolve their sound.

Man, is this a great record!


Download: Old Ghosts /New Regrets, Atlas and Sleight of Hand
For The Fans Of: DevilDriver, As I Lay Dying, HateSphere, The Ghost Inside

Release Date 29.10.2012

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