Our Fear Is Their Force

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At first listen, one would not be too far off thinking that Plüderhausen, Germany based Davidian were actually a Danish band. These Germans play melodic death/thrash/metalcore of the kind that we Danes have begun calling, simply, "Danish metal". The band formed in 1997, and "Our Fear Is Their Force" is Davidian's third album since their full length debut "Abuse of Power" was released in 2003.

The music is basically death/thrash metal in the vein of Hatesphere and The Haunted, but with more melodic leads and less aggression. The drums change from mid-tempo to a faster thrash metal pace without getting very interesting, the guitarists play typical death/thrash riffs and melodic leads that rarely get enough time and room to fully unfold to the listener because of the vocals. New vocalist Tobi Brausch is almost ever-present, making it sound like the music in the background is just there to fill the soundscape. The vocals aren't even that interesting; typical death/thrash shouts make up most of the vocal output with growls and those archetypical metalcore screams making some occasional appearances.

The music found on "Our Fear Is Their Force" is tightly executed and the production is pretty much perfect for this type of music. But with the vocals constantly overshadowing everything and the music never really being interesting enough to stand on its own, Davidian's third record comes off as nothing but average. The whole album just blends together as there isn't a single song that really sounds different from the rest of them. Us Danish metal fans have known for a while that the death/thrash/metalcore genre is already crowded with mediocre bands, at least in the Danish metal scene. Davidian's "Our Fear Is Their Force" would fit perfectly into the already quite significant pile of average releases that aren't particularly bad, just incredibly boring.


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Release date: 24.02.2012
Massacre Records

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