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Songs About Beliefs EP

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Since debuting to the scene with "Planned Obsolescence Redux" earlier this year, the screamer-songwriter Niels Sørensen alias Stöj Snak is beginning to build a small buzz around his project. Much of the initial interest comes from the peculiar term used to describe his music, of course, but it's justified the moment you hear his sublime scream and lyrical talent on record. So what introduced us to him on his debut album and was so well received by the people who heard it is now being developed further on a new EP called "Songs About Beliefs", which basically takes everything you heard on the debut and makes small but significant improvements to the sound.

For starters, the sound is now way more focused. We're still dwelling somewhere near the vicinity of acoustic folk punk and singer-songwriter, but the songs are more closely aligned and more coherent than before. Armed with an aggressive acoustic guitar (think early Frank Turner), a harmonica, and a raw throat, Stöj Snak screams about a better tomorrow in optimistic, yet realistic songs where the lyrical content shines. And thanks to a solid delivery, it's easy to decipher the lyrics despite his characteristically strained delivery. That's particularly important, because aside from the wholly original and intriguing sound (that admittedly routs a little too much from classic "Reinventing Axl Rose"-era Against Me! on bonus track "The City Burns Tonight"), it's the lyrical content that makes the appropriately titled "Songs About Beliefs" so good. Consider this piece from "State Of Mine", for instance:

If there's a place for everyone, this one's a State of Mine, where individuals stand side by side. Where politics and discontent, angst and DIY grow into roots of the future, into a place where people really care. Where folk singers and grindcore can stand a common ground, fueled by the same raw creative drive. [...] Uncompromised self-expression, just a place where people really care. [...] We question the conventions as we build communities. Innovation rises from free ideas. Worldwide dedication gives a reason to believe far beyond profits and deadlines. In a place where people really care. This is my friends and a new family.

It's such warm-hearted optimism and a genuine wish to change the world that all-encompasses "Songs About Beliefs". This is music with heart and soul, topped off with great vocal melodies that on at least two occasions ("State Of Mine" and "Great Ideas Need Landing Gear") showcases world-class songwriting. Punk ethos meets a compatibility for a wider audience - "Songs About Beliefs" lays the foundations for something special that has the potential to elevate Niels to a bigger stage than he can imagine. Now we just need the right people to hear this.


Download: State Of Mine, Great Ideas Need Landing Gear, No Refunds
For the fans of: old Against Me!, imadethismistake, old Frank Turner
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Release date 09.11.2012
5 Feet Under Records

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