Nothing To Undo: Chapter Six

Written by: PP on 12/02/2007 12:46:03

Germany's power metal heavyweights Metalium continue where they left off with their previous album "Demons Of Insanity: Chapter Five". Not much has changed since then on "Nothing To Undo: Chapter Six", as the band still utilizes the incredible high vocals of Henning Basse, plenty of pull strings and blazing solos reminiscent of heavy metal legends Iron Maiden and AC/DC.

But don't you worry, dear power metal fan unfamiliar with the band. This isn't just an imitation of the glories of the aforementioned bands, Metalium's latest merely takes the good parts from both, and power-metallizes them into sounding as massive as the best Benedictum tracks do, with they keyword here being power. Because tracks like "Straight Into Hell" truly are powerful, the riffs sound colossal and echo around the soundscapes, and Henning's vocal work is nothing short of stunning. His choice of style--that of high-end vocals a la Bruce Dickinson--fits Metalium's music perfectly, complementing the professional musicianship especially the two guitarists possess. The riff variety here is impressive, as the guitars at times stomp on you with heavy slaps of power chords, other times lure you into a sweet lullaby by their hypnotizing pullstrings, while the solos are guaranteed to captivate you.

This, my fellow readers, is heavy metal meets power metal at its very best. Metalium highlights the good from both genres while avoiding the bad to create yet another genre-loyal effort. Just listen to "Heroes Failed" and tell me you can't hear Hammerfall's prolonged end-of-line screams, or the massive guitar compositions of bands like Iron Maiden. Heavy fucking metal.


Download: Heroes Failed, Straight Into Hell
For the fans of: Iron Maiden, Hammerfall
Listen: Stream the album on their website

Release date 26.01.2007
Provided by Gordeon Music

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