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The new self-released record Faceless is my first meeting with the 6-piece 'post-metalcore' band Camisado from Baltimore, Maryland. I did not really know what to expect so they had every chance to impress. The cover gives the impression of a very dark sound and so it is. Right from the start gothic keys and strings accompany their hard riffs. This gives a fine thin red line throughout almost the entire record and their effort to make an atmosphere of horror succeeds partially. The electronic production is really good and the sound is incredibly thick.

The thickness does impact the sound a bit in the wrong way though. The guitars and the bass sometimes drown in the wall of noise, which I suppose was not the intent. But here and there a riff does force its way through, and when this happens it sounds quite good like on the track “In Your Veins”. There are a lot of breakdowns that are accompanied by an electronic blast to emphasize it. This gets a bit annoying over time because the effect is overused throughout the record.

The vocals supply the horrific and dark atmosphere pretty fine. It switches between a low roaring, high pitch screaming and clean singing. Sometimes there is a hint of auto-tune or some kind of mixing taking over, which spoils the harshness a bit because it compromises the impression of whether it's just a cloak or actual skills. An example is the track “When I Find It” where the clean vocals are dominating and marked by the electronic manipulation. The cleans sound fine in smaller portions, but as their domination increases as the record progresses, it also compromises the atmosphere and drains the energy a little bit.

Overall I do see the potential in these guys. Their gothic sound is a great way to introduce young people to the metalcore or even the metal scene in general. They are in my eyes not creating anything beyond the boundaries. And despite the fine electronic production the record is still a bit messy. But with increasing experience I think these guys will come up with some solid tracks someday.

Download: Straight Jacket, Shoot The Messenger, In Your Veins
For The Fans Of: Sun Kills Yesterday, From Tomorrow, Chiodos

Release Date 09.10.2012

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