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Written by: PP on 22/11/2012 22:40:10

There's a lot of hype around for Gothenburg, Sweden based hard rock revivalist group Sister Sin and their fourth album "Now And Forever". They've essentially been writing the same album for a while now, but it took a large independent label and the production budget that comes with it to make their sound stick out from the legions of (mostly German) bands doing this exact style. Because of the crisp production, everything from the guitars to the Doro inspired female heavy metal vocals sounds very authentically like the 80s, or at least as closely as a band formed in the 2000s can reference a decade long ago passed.

"Now And Forever" is packed with catchy hard rock melodies and sleazy 80s style solos that really shouldn't sound relevant at all in 2012, yet somehow Sister Sin's enthusiasm and energy make them stick out. Songs like "End Of The Line", "In It For Life", or "Hearts Of Cold" have colossal choruses that stick to the ABCs of heavy metal, drawing close parallels to bands like Mötley Crüe, Judas Priest, L.A. Guns and pretty much any 80s themed hard rock / glam / heavy metal band out there.

"Now And Forever" sounds almost identical to most AFM Records releases from the past decade or so, which makes it even weirder to find the group signed to Victory who doesn't exactly have a reputation for releasing this type of stuff. That said, they've managed to craft the band from a generic hard rock band into one that's ready to take the scene with a storm. That is, if they are able to convince both the old guard and the new kids why they should listen to Sister Sin instead of one of the original classics.


Download: End Of The Line, In It For Life
For the fans of: L.A. Guns, Mötley Crüe, CrashDiet, Judas Priest, entire AFM Records roster
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Release date 23.10.2012
Victory Records

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