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Written by: SC on 26/11/2012 19:21:02

The debut EP "Black Diamonds" from the American band Issues comes out on Velocity Records (via Rise Records). The genre on "Black Diamonds" doesn't come cleanly through. It seems like a failed attempt to copy the mixture of Getafix’s (the druid from Asterix) secret magic potion. It is a soup of different genres ranging from nu-metal, scratchy post-hardcore and clean pop punk.

The opening track is a clean dubstep track with some acceptable wobble-bass-tunes and an electronically tuned guest vocalist. On the second track the focus turns to an odd fusion of metalcore and Justin Timberlake. The riffs switch between metalcore and some classic rock/soft punk and it is accompanied by some electronic bleep-sounds. The vocals switch between some rough growling and Justin Timberlake-esque vocals, and they don't support each other in any positive way.

"The Worst Of Them" has lost almost all signs of metalcore and sticks just to a simple soft punk attitude, and at the same time the suppressed electronics plasticize the soundscape even further. Turning the attention to the vocals, the irritation and the lack of focus start to become serious. On this track, the vocals change from a Justin Timberlake impression to Justin Bieber with some "na-naaa-na-naaa eh-eeh", then a quick roar, and then back to Bieber. If you turn on MTV, it is quite possible you may bump into this track, it would fit right in. I see a pink and fluffy video before my eyes, maybe even taking place in a candy shop. The lyrics are about unrequited love, while the soundscape points towards happiness and clouds.

The problem with "Issues" is that they seem to have no issues besides a focus in their musical approach. Yeah, that sounds confusing, but let me explain. The feeling this EP leaves you is a complete waste of time. There is no passion or even a hint of issues or aggression. The complexities of the tracks are not on a high level and the lyrics are just filled with clichés. None of the content brings anything new to the game, or even gives the impression of an attempt to do just that. The EP feels like a failed attempt to make a fusion of pop, disco, punk, nu-metal, post-hardcore and metalcore. It is a bit like Bambi on thin ice, because it leaves you thinking "Why did Thumper not stop dear Bambi in time, instead of pushing him out on the ice?". Seriously!


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For The Fans Of: My Chemical Romance, Tokyo Hotel, Fall Out Boy

Release Date 13.11.2012
Rise/Velocity Records

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