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Written by: BV on 27/11/2012 09:13:44

Redding is a female-fronted retro-rock band from Belgium that is not to be confused with the American band of the same name, which plays a sort of indie-rock that is heavily influenced by Coldplay. Anyway, Redding previously released a full length album under their former name – “Gipsy on the Rocks”, but for a number of reasons they decided on a fresh start with a new name and a new EP. The EP in question is what this review will be about.

Stylistically, Redding is quite similar to a lot of 70’s styled retro-rock bands, like Fuzz Manta or Highway Child just to name a couple. Like any good retro-rock band does, Redding focuses on the simple, yet melodic and crunchy riffs supplemented by forceful vocals. Female vocals in this case, as I’ve mentioned earlier on. A nice example of a song based on a crunchy riff, is actually the opening track of the album called “Sleepwalking”. This track sounds like it just walked straight out of the 70’s with some groovy drums, fuzzy guitar and a hypnotic bass-line. Add the delicate female vocals to the mix, and you’ve got yourself a retro-rock song, and a quite good one of those, too. Another one of my favorite tracks on this EP is “Arsenic Anna”, where Redding basically goes full on psychedelic with a tremolo-driven low tempo melody, accompanying the haunting echo-drenched vocals – oh sweet music to my ears, this is just my kind of thing!

However, it would be quite odd if there were absolutely no negative aspects of this album, and don’t you worry – there are. They’re just not major issues. The ever-present problem with being a retro-rock band is that the material you write tends to relate to a specific era in time, and Redding isn’t different in this aspect. Their music links perfectly to the 70’s in my ears, but this, coupled with a lack of contemporary influences might make their music sound dated to some ears. Not mine though, because retro-rock is probably one of my favorite genres, so I’m quite used to the whole “dated music” thing. But to listeners seeking a new and exciting experience with lots of genre-escapist songwriting, this might be a huge disappointment.

Anyway, I personally am quite fond of this EP, in part because retro-rock touches a soft spot in me, but also because I truly believe this to be a great EP in its genre. I hope Redding will improve their songwriting and release a full length album sometime soon. But until that day comes, I guess I’ll keep listening to this 6-track EP.


Download: Hangman, Arsenic Anna, Sleepwalking
For The Fans Of: Fuzz Manta, Highway Child, Siena Root

Release date 23.08.2012

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