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7 Day Weekend EP

Written by: PP on 06/12/2012 22:32:03

7 Day Weekend is a small alternative rock band from Northwestern UK, who released their five track EP a couple of months ago. It revisits much of the produce from the UK in recent years, going through everything from the emo rock of Lostprophets and Young Guns to the more pop punkish material by You Me At Six, with some Kids In The Glass Houses style alternative rock thrown in for good measure. Not that the band sounds much like any of these bands rather than as a sum of the whole; a bag of influences shaken up a bit and out came "7 Day Weekend" EP.

So you're in for some fairly catchy alternative rock songs with a distinct emo leaning, and quiet/loud dynamics (in the context of the genre, at least). For some variety, they've added a quieter song called "Hide", which admittedly explodes into loud guitars and vocals after a balladic beginning, but has a different tempo and sound than the first three tracks of the EP. It's slightly more anthemic and bigger-sounding than the rest of the EP, but suggests anyway that 7 Day Weekend can't wait to get into a proper studio and let their soundscapes expand as soon as some polish is added on (which is needed badly on a few places where the sound is a little too raw, at least in my mix). It's basically your standard emotionally charged alternative rock that UK has been spitting left and right as of late, but without the international class of the aforementioned much more established bands. Yet. "Seasons Like These" is mad catchy, so if the band are able to write more songs in that vein, they're on the right track.

Download: Seasons Like These, Kingdoms
For the fans of: Lostprophets, Young Guns, Kids In Glass Houses, You Me At Six
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Release date 17.09.2012

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