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Written by: PP on 10/12/2012 18:09:02

Let's start by saying that Let Me Run have an excellent vocalist, especially when he is allowed room to showcase his ability when the songs are slowed down from fast paced punk rock ones to an alternative rock tempo. Many have voiced their disappointment on the internet over the loss of the more raucous vocalist Travis Omilian to Banquets, but the subsequent change-in-sound from Red City Radio style punk rock into a melancholically melodic alternative rock outfit may even be for the better.

This new guy, well, he can sing, and he can sing really well. The best example is probably "Tim Drake", which sounds like a fast paced Our Lady Peace song from the "Happiness Is A Fish..." days. Here, his voice travels from medium to high range effortlessly, producing a solid harmony that sticks to mind on the first listen, much like Raine Maida's much-cherished style on OLP's best works. The title track "Mad/Sad" is another such example, where the slower song structure actually benefits the song rather than restricts it, as is usually the case. Granted, it's a huge departure from the roughened Americana delivery of Omilian, but I'd go as far as to argue that the new guy has far more charisma in his voice than Omilian ever did. Yes, he is an exceptional singer as well, but he doesn't stand out in the same way as this guy does, whose voice is instantly recognizable and carries the kind of melancholic emotion few are ever able to express this vividly.

Full of harmonic vocal melodies, and smooth alternative rock meets soft pop punk tunes (think Smoking Popes here), "Mad/Sad" is, for once, a great example of a band daring to turn their sound upside down and actually being successful at it, too. Check this out if you want to hear a perfect middle ground between the longing alt rock of OLP/Eve 6 (old material) and smooth, clean punk rock with pop vibes.

Download: Tim Drake, Mad/Sad, End
For the fans of: Smoking Popes, Our Lady Peace, Eve 6
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Release date 17.07.2012

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