The Setting Son

Before I Eat My Eyes and Ears

Written by: BV on 15/12/2012 11:40:31

Sebastian T.W. Kristiansen is back with a new release from the psyched out garage project known as The Setting Son, and what a welcome release it is. The inspirations can once again be traced back to the psyched out San Francisco sound of the late 1960’s, which has come to be utterly characteristic for The Setting Son.

This release however, is quite atypical for The Setting Son, as it clearly bears the marks of a more “group-oriented” sound, whereas the earlier releases (“The Setting Son” and “Spring of Hate”) sounded more like a single songwriter backed by very talented, yet non-influential musicians. This “group-oriented” sound is far more to my liking, and the album does contain some of the strongest material from The Setting Son yet, in my opinion. Perhaps this is also due to the fact that Emma Acs has gained a more forward position in the overall soundscape, which in turn introduces the duet form of singing to The Setting Son’s soundscape. Some of the best examples of this new duet sound are the two opening tracks of the album; “Eat My Fear” and “Above the Rest”, where the two vastly different vocal types complement each other, and bring the music to a whole. “Above The Rest” is actually also a perfect example of the much more group-oriented sound of the band, as the organ parts have been placed way clearer in the overall mix, complementing the fuzzy and reverb-drenched, almost surf-like guitar parts, as well as the booming bass.

For an album of its length, (the album is approximately 30min. long) it does contain a few weak points, such as the slightly repetitive track “Butterface” which in all honesty only hinders the album from becoming a full on coherent, psyched out and well, impressive release. Another downside to the album is The Setting Son’s recurring theme of short, pop-based 60’s songs. Seeing as these songs make the foundation for the album, it tends to become a bit monotonous towards the end, as the songs begin to sound alike to the untrained or not entirely focused ear. However, for fans of 60’s garage and psych-rock, this album will be a solid addition to the vinyl-shelf.

Download: Eat My Fear, Above The Rest, All That Candy
For The Fans Of: Baby Woodrose, 13th Floor Elevators, Emma Acs & The Inbred Family

Release Date 08.10.12
Bad Afro Records

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