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Lost Souls Carnival EP

Written by: BV on 15/12/2012 11:41:55

Lost Souls Carnival is a retro rock outfit from Belgium that has just released a 4-track EP. My initial reactions to this EP were that it sounded a lot like Queens of the Stone Age meets Graveyard, who then meets a spaced out vortex of self-oscillating echo and psychedelic tones. – Cool!

The track “Tired of Talks” is a prime example of the psychedelia infused desert rock tones that can be heard throughout the EP. It’s slowly driven tempo is what gives it that unmistakable low-end punch. Add some chiming, fuzzy, echo-drenched guitar to the recipe, and complete it all with some almost Jim Morrison-ish vocals and you’ve got yourself a pretty cool track. The same actually goes for the opening track of the EP “Lazy Eye”. While this track is far less psych-oriented, it is far more desert-rock sounding than the three other tracks on the EP, which can be heard in the groovy, booming bassline, the steady drumming as well as the fuzzy guitar that is literally all over the track. The vocals on this track are also a tad harsher than on the rest of the EP, which in fact compliments the desert-rock vibe they’ve got going on.

So, as the readers might have guessed now, I dig this band and I think they show some real promise on this EP. The major downside to it though, is the short duration, as it makes me wonder why they didn’t include more tracks. Call me skeptical, but usually when I hear EP’s of this length, it comes down to a lack of decent tracks. However, I sure as hell hope that Lost Souls Carnival proves me wrong on that, if they release a full length album, because this EP shows some real promise, and a knack for retro/psych/desert rock songwriting.

Download: Lazy Eye, Little Miss Seventeen, Tired of Talks
For The Fans Of: Graveyard, Queens of the Stone Age, Redding
Listen: facebook.com

Release Date ??.03.2012

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