Ducking Punches

I Am Arturo Bandini EP

Written by: PP on 17/12/2012 23:16:38

Ducking Punches are a quirky acoustic folk quartet from UK, who blend together elements of singer-songwriter together with a punk ethos that manifests itself in acoustic songs delivered in a good tempo (for an acoustic release) and with strong folk instrumentation complementing the whole soundscape. They are lead by a soft male voice that occasionally breaks into a halfway scream - think early Frank Turner here - but he is often contrasted by a higher pitch female voice that should bring to mind everyone from Mixtapes to Lemuria. Yeah, these sort of bands are really 'in' right now as you've probably noticed.

But where Ducking Punches start separating themselves from the rest of the bunch is in the lyrical department. "I Am Arturo Bandini", a four track EP they've just released, is filled with interesting lyric bits, such as "they've read all of the same books even though they've never met, they like the smell of matches after they've been lit.' among others, which give their songs the quirky vibe needed to carry on the folkish acoustic sound to another level. They have big sing alongs for such a small and confined sound, which is where I've seen others compare them to Mumford & Sons among other contemporary bands specializing in this sort of sound. It's good start and therefore no surprise they've caught the interest of Lockjaw Records who're putting out this release. With better production and a little bit more expansion in their sound, there's lots of potential to be unleashed here, especially considering how much Frank Turner has been an influence by the sounds of it.


Download: Burnt The Matches
For the fans of: Mixtape, early Frank Turner, Warren Franklin
Listen: Facebook

Release date 06.07.2012
Lockjaw Records

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