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Written by: TL on 06/01/2013 15:55:08

I might have ranted about this before, but I'm continually positively surprised about how much of a slap in the face the EP format gave me in 2012, considering my readiness to pronounce its death in the year before. The EP "Maker" from Springfield, MA quintet of the same name is only the latest example of this, wrapping youthful melancholia and grungy gloom around mid-paced punk-rock in a sound that belongs in the same end of the spectrum as that of The Xcerts, Brand New, Seahaven and to an extend also Make Do And Mend.

The songs are largely based on dynamics between dark, bitter-yet-poppy verses and later explosions of crashing, distorted chords and vocals that grow to raging cries. Opener "Shadows" is the first and foremost example of this, mapping out the style that a couple of the five songs on offer essentially follow, and while I think it takes a bit for the song to get off the ground, it definitely rocks by the time the climax comes around, which is also the case for some of the other numbers. The clear exception is the slightly more up-beat "West Coast", which is brighter and more energetic and just generally more catchy than the other songs, making it the highlight of the EP for me.

Overall "Maker" is a great little EP because it has a cool, recognisable sound - one which belong to a genre that's blooming nicely these days - and because it has songs that each offer at least one or two memorable moments. My only gripes are that I think the band's attitude does occasionally lose balance, making lines here and there sound a bit over-performed, and that like in "Shadows", you can some times find yourself waiting a bar or two for the next 'good part'. Fortunately the hindrances are minor and "Maker" is mostly a release that's both highly enjoyable now, and that seems to show solid promise for the band's future.

Download: West Coast, Shadows, You Know Who You Are
For The Fans Of: The Xcerts, Brand New, Seahaven, Make Do And Mend

Release Date 13.11.2012
Engineer Records

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