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Small Changes We Hardly Notice EP

Written by: DR on 10/01/2013 16:16:04

When bands release an album and decide to self-title it, it tends to indicate a reinvention or change in direction. Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson's self-titled LP asserted their re-invigoration, as it was their first release in six years. Now, despite the obvious geographical detachment from the emo scene's primary home in the mid-West of America, Youth Pictures have marked their (re-)emergence within it as they have attracted the attention of Count Your Lucky Stars for the release of their latest EP, "Small Changes We Hardly Notice".

Youth Pictures could hardly have chosen a more apt title for this four-track EP because, although the dreamy post-rock scapes of previous remain, there are small elements of evolution from the sound of their self-titled LP. Their vocals now hint more towards the singer's emotional state, are more affecting because of it, and are no longer 'just' another texture amongst the soundscapes. The songs no longer hover around the eight or nine minute mark and are, instead, condensed to between four and six minutes. The graceful rise/fall dynamic is still in tact and flawlessly executed, but trimming the fat has led to more catharsis, even hints of aggression, about Youth Pictures than we're used to. Indeed, a lyric such as "You'll fall like apples and empires" is much more scathing than their trademark soft soundscapes would ever lead you to believe they are capable of. Yet, despite making their song structures more dynamic, their expansive atmospheres have not conceded any of their quality.

In some respects, "Small Changes We Hardly Notice" is the heaviest (without necessarily being 'heavy') work Youth Pictures have penned - both instrumentally and lyrically. However, all four songs still carry that Youth Pictures mark of quality: they are still spacious without being indulgent, the vocals are affecting without dominating the post-rock scapes, and the instrumental passages are some of the most technical, layered and textured of the band's career to date. For instance, "Swim Team Philosopher" is about as noisy as you ever thought Youth Pictures could ever get but is no-less subtle for it, and "But Now You Know" is as poised and gorgeous as the finest songs in their back catalogue.

Throughout their discography so far Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson's songs have ran into each other seamlessly. Even though there are only four songs and even though it displays some of their most varied, loud and dynamic work to date, this is still the case with "Small Changes We Hardly Notice". Having attracted the attention of Count Your Lucky Stars and the scene in America, it seems like Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson are set to make a name for themselves outside of their native Norway. It's deserved, too, as few bands can claim to be as consistently excellent as Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson.


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Release Date 13.08.2012
Count Your Lucky Stars

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