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Grief EP

Written by: DR on 10/01/2013 16:23:43

'Wave' bands such La Dispute and Defeater were invited to Radio 1, here in the UK, where they recorded live sessions, Make Do And Mend even premiered a new song on that same radio station last year, while Touche Amore, arguably the 'biggest' band of the scene at the moment, have come from playing basement shows to supporting legends Converge to playing in front of thousands in Europe both at festivals and in support of Rise Against. It goes without saying but 'hardcore', in its loosest terms, is exploding on both sides of the Atlantic. As its popularity explodes so, too, will the number of young bands inspired and influenced by it.

Such a band is My Iron Lung whose latest EP, ominously titled "Grief", is clearly inspired by some of the genre's biggest proponents as it combines short, frantic bursts of anguish-soaked hardcore/screamo brimming with ideas, dynamic shifts, and tempo-changes, ultimately landing somewhere between Touche Amore and The Saddest Landscape with post-rock-esque atmospheres akin to Pianos Become The Teeth. Although the resemblance to such bands is striking, My Iron Lung's conviction - especially important in hardcore - cannot be questioned. The raw production, particularly on the vocals, plays up the passion and energy of this still young band, making the sheer force of the EP, and specifically the opening one-two of "Broken Home" and "Clementine", almost titanic.

There are a few moments in which My Iron Lung's relative rawness shows, though. For instance, the break in "Family Traits" as the vocalist whimpers "...Maybe even the first few times" feels forced and sounds so close to Jordan Dreyer (La Dispute) that it's almost parodic, while the quickly-spoken/rasped section near the start of "Late Bloomers, Early Caskets" sounds so close to much of Touche Amore's debut LP that My Iron Lung's usually strong conviction is found to wain.

However, moments like that aren't common because, for the most part, "Grief" is an impressive offering of hardcore which marries the light/dark dynamic with subtlety, confidence and authority. Although My Iron Lung's influences are obvious - indicative of the fact they are a young band still finding their own sound, more than anything else - they have the core elements of the genre nailed, so they will likely establish a sound of their own as their career progresses. They're still a long way short of being a rounded band, but the potential is definitely there and their next release, if this isn't already, should be a 'must-hear' for any hardcore fan.

Download: Broken Homes, Clementine
For The Fans of: Touche Amore, Pianos Become The Teeth, Caravels, Troubled Coast, The Saddest Landscape
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Release Date 04.09.2012
Pure Noise Records

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