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Restrained Joy

Written by: PP on 27/01/2013 19:32:07

Fans of the melodic roars Gainesville style, look over here. The Marine Electric from New York play precisely the kind of passionate, emotionally charged punk rock that made Hot Water Music and Small Brown Bike infamous. Their sound is rough around the edges and purposefully unpolished to let the small glitches resonate and produce a vibrant soundscape full of warmth and emotion.

"Restrained Joy", their debut album, is a record of two faces. One, they are knee-deep in sincere original emo melodies, but at the same time the melodies have much in common with intimate, basement level punk rock. This is because the band utilizes two vocalists very effectively. One sounds like he comes from an indie-flavored emo background, often referencing the melodic weeps of Tigers Jaw's Adam McIlwee, and the other one comes in with the melodic roar that actually shares quite a bit in common with Red City Radio's primary vocalist. Shouted out, honest vocals with a roughened edge to them, you know the drill.

The whole soundscape on "Restrained Joy" is practically spilling over with emotional delivery. It's a heartfelt sound, one where the dual vocal dynamics are almost magical, and the guitars focus on high-range melodic distortion and introspective riffs over a controlled pace. You've heard other bands play the style before, most notably Homelife and arguably Latterman, but The Marine Electric deliver that type of sound in a convincing enough fashion here for that not to matter. Comes highly recommended for fans of roared, melodically ringing punk rock.

Download: Change Your Mind, Live Oak, Ride It Out.
For the fans of: Tigers Jaw, Red City Radio, Small Brown Bike, Homelife, Latterman
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Release date 13.11.2012
Insrgnt / Unbuckled Records

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