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Much like Half Hearted Hero on their new album "Whatever", Lipona have been through a similar process artistically ever since releasing their debut album "Atlas" back in 2008. What started off as a lightning speed technical skate punk band evolved into something more complex and challenging already on follow-up EP "Pigeonholed" in 2009, but it is on their long-awaited sophomore full-length "Networks" where the band starts revealing their full potential.

Although "Networks" still consists of ripping lead guitar melodies of the technically advanced assortment--influenced by the likes of This Is A Standoff, Belvedere and Daggermouth--Lipona have begun adding more complex elements to their soundscape. The tempo now varies greatly from pedal-to-the-floor to slower, atmosphere-building passages, and the instrumentation in general seeks out more depth and powerful subtleties than just displays of technical prowess. That the band's vocalist's singing style naturally lends itself to anthemic melodies is only a plus, and ensures that even the more laid back songs are infectious and memorable. It's a very clean style that's rather unusual to find on records like this, which is key reason to why Lipona sounds so original and refreshing in a crowded genre.

It's difficult to pick highlights from "Networks" because there are so many. The consistency in songwriting is sublime throughout the album, giving all songs their own identity, while still following the Lipona red thread the whole time. This is also why Lipona are able to play as fast as they are and still deliver punk rock songs that are drastically longer than what is the standard for the genre. Three minutes is pretty much the bare minimum, but a song like "Comfort" clocks in over 5 minutes and "Distance" is a mammoth 6 min 48 seconds in length. Caleb Lionheart comes to mind here: they are equally ambitious and flamboyant in their songwriting.

"Networks" isn't your conventional punk album. It's technical skate punk, sure, but it's so much more complex and subdued in its expression than the usual band in that definition. That's why it deserves to be on your list of records to check out from 2012 that you never got around to.


Download: Followers, The River, Rights Of Passage, Civilized
For the fans of: Living With Lions, Half Hearted Hero, This Is A Standoff, Belvedere, Caleb Lionheart
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Release date 31.07.2012
Disconnect Disconnect Records

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