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Red Horse

Written by: TAJ on 29/01/2013 21:06:46

There once was a band named Apiary but due to every original member eventually being replaced the band settled for a name change. In 2007 it became the name Early Grave which arose from the ashes - and since then it has been dedicated to a fusion of thrash metal, crust and hardcore with emotional aspects of anger and bitterness. Aspects which have their authenticity underlined by the many changes, by several resource-consuming DIY tours, and the tragedy of losing their vocalist in a car accident on a tour.

The album starter “Skinwalker” begins with a theatrical intro until replaced by galloping drumming and soon you feel the full force of all instruments charging at you with added dry yelled vocals. However, it all soon seems to blur together into an unclear mash. This goes for the rest of the track and it claims the following track “Misery” as well. Actually a lot of the spin time of “Red Horse” are filled with a sound like this which, in spite of the persistent energy provided, grows old too soon. The production is not of the clearest calibre which is indeed guilty of making the instruments blur together.

It's not all swift paced repetitive sounding though, and when “Days Grow Cold” plays, the guitar breaks free of the collective sound wall and makes a memorable track. These kind of moments are rare and often of short duration in the majority of tracks on “Red Horse” and therefore unfortunately do not provide the same stand out effect as seen in “Days Grow Cold” often enough.

However the powerful ender “Quietus” that starts displaying rancid and aggression then descending into a strong melodic outro dominated by a mournful yet revitalizing vibe, proves the band are indeed capable of composing the really great nuances “Red Horse” desperately needs. Or take the last minutes of “Death Obsessed” where subtle tension is build up towards the end by sapping the ferocity and slowly replenishing energy leading back into a thrashy hurricane.

For the expression on “Red Horse” you've got to hand it to these guys that the bitterness and other emotions it holds, appear very honest. But with the strong and memorable moments being too widespread, the listen still gets way too monotonous. The ideas and the capability are there but a better production and a more frequent memorable passages would have benefited “Red Horse”.


Download: Quiteus, Days Grow Cold, Death Obsessed.
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Release 30.10.2012
No Sleep Records

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