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Written by: PP on 19/02/2013 22:11:41

So if I tell you I have a band that consists of Vinnie Caruana (I Am The Avalanche / The Movielife), Steve Choi (RX Bandits), Casey Deitz (The Velvet Teen), and Roer Camero (No Motiv / The Warriors), you're gonna get a little excited, right? After all, at least half of the band have been a part of making some absolute classics within punk rock, whether raw melodic punk, pop punk, or ska-punk being the subgenre. Yet curiously enough, Peace'd Out and their self-titled debut EP sounds nothing like you'd imagine that sort of lineup to sound like. No pop elements, no catchy song structures, no melodic riffs.

Indeed, the boys have intentionally stepped out of their comfort zones and have written a visceral hardcore record that draws equally much from mathcore as it does from hardcore punk. The resulting wall of sound is an angular, technically driven form of hardcore with Vinnie Caruana screaming his throat out in a manner you've simply never heard him do before, an interesting experience for anyone who's ever heard either I Am The Avalanche or The Movielife in the past. In fact, Peace'd Out are arguably closer to sounding like the chaotic mathcore pioneers Botch than they are of any other band listed in this review. Devastating hardcore/punk clashes with noisy, distortion-driven soundscapes that experiment with the outer limits of the personally strictly musically speaking. It's a fierce, a ferocious expression that unleashes a wholly different personality from the people involved.

So with all that said, it's at least an interesting record. But is it a good one? It's merely decent. You can tell this is experimental for the sake of being experimental, with various structures being thrown around just for the sheer joy of checking out how they'll work out in practice. On an occasion or two it makes for a solid songs, but elsewhere it's clear that Peace'd Out members are treading on unknown territory musically speaking at this point in time.

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Release date 30.10.2012
Siren Records

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