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Written by: PP on 19/02/2013 23:29:13

Thus far Broadway Calls have not impressed me at all with either of their two albums prior to "Comfort/Distraction", but on this record they have truly struck gold. They've moved away from the dangerously generic pop punk that was borderline overproduced and overpolished, and instead hit back with youthful enthusiasm and a spirited sound on their third album that grabs its listener from the first time they press play.

"Bring On The Storm" opens the record with an infectious chorus, but what makes the song catchy is not an overload on pop rather than a firm, energetic drive that makes the song a nominee as the best Broadway Calls song to date. The band brings in attitude - audible in the singer's slightly strained voice that has become more charismatic straight away - and charm that simply didn't exist on their previous records. It elevates their sound from dime-a-dozen pop punk into something far more interesting, and you can easily tell that the band has recognized they're onto something as well. They're having fun on every song, and the enhanced attitude and spirit simply shines through as a result. Not only is the bass guitar playful and vibrant in the mix, but the riffs are catchy as the plague, and the vocal melodies sufficiently memorable from first listen without being overtly cliché or predictable.

The whole record has an upbeat feel that makes it a joy to listen to, because it avoids altogether the trap of sounding tired and overplayed like so much pop punk in this style does these days. That alone makes "Comfort/Distraction" a worthwhile listen. But the infectious energy and simple, yet undeniably catchy songs are another. Pop punk hasn't sounded this fresh for a while.


Download: Bring On The Storm, Open Letter, Stealing Sailboats, Life Is Rhythm
For the fans of: The Swellers, Banner Pilot, Mxpx, Green Day
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Release date 05.02.2013
No Sleep Records

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