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Posterity's Sake

Written by: PP on 01/03/2013 18:32:19

A couple of years ago Grand Rapids, Michigan's Protected Left released their debut EP "Songs Of The Doomed", which was a brief, three song stint of skate punk influenced by progressive punk rock. Back then, their influences counted the likes of Propagandhi and early Pennywise, but that has changed for "Posterity's Sake", their debut full-length.

Where the band previously sounded technical, they now just sound fast. Yes, the Propagandhi references are still there to an extent, but now I'd rather compare them to the earliest Millencolin records just without the ska element. Kind of a melancholic ambience, but fast-paced and tight skate punk riffs dominating the soundscape. Throw in some clean-vocal hardcore influence from Ignite and you're just about there. It's actually scary how much they sound like our local boys in Losing Must, considering how there's an ocean in between them and neither band has guaranteed heard of each other.

Anyway. Protected Left have the exact same problem as so many other young, self-financed bands: their record just sounds terrible. Not in terms of songwriting, but the production is just awful, leaving most of the instrumentals sounding flat in the mix. This creates a bland listening experience for the whole record, which is just not gonna cut it anymore in 2013 (it didn't cut it anymore in 2008 either, by the way).


Download: "Yeah Dude, I Get It", At Least I Didn't Cut My Ear Off
For the fans of: Losing Must, Millencolin, Wiseheimer, Ignite, Propagandhi
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Release date 15.12.2012

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