I Opened My Heart To Caustic Things

Written by: PP on 02/03/2013 17:28:07

Pop punk seems to come and go in waves. First we had the raw originalists like New Found Glory, then came the polished second wave with the likes of Fall Out Boy, then came the 'defend pop punk' / 'realist pop punk' movements as a countermeasure to these, and lately I've noticed that the polished and well-produced bands are striking back as more and more of them are popping up as the months go by. Maycomb, who originate from Wolverhampton, UK, are one of those bands.

Their debut album "I Opened My Heart To Caustic Things" is certainly one that should appeal to any fans of Yellowcard and older Fall Out Boy material. It's perfectly produced, with clean guitars and high-pitch vocal work (unusually so, even!), plus their choruses are ridiculously catchy. It's increasingly hard not to hum along to their melodies (because singing along would be impossible considering their singer's high pitch), but at the same time the band make it distinctly clear that they are playing pop punk and not pop rock. Sometimes that line is too blurry for my liking, but here, Maycomb make no excuses for playing polished pop punk, which is also why it sounds so convincing. It of course helps to write great songs like "Sinking Song", which is full of catchy one-liner type of lyrics for you to sing along to. That's generally the case for most songs, though, so fans of polished pop punk should find plenty to like here.

Although "I Opened My Heart To Caustic Things" doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel for pop punk, it delivers a bright, summery sound that's perfect for the spring season that's just around the corner. If you're into big sing alongs, FOB-style guitars, and a laid-back, care-free vibe, then this record is made for you. It's also proof that the polished pop punk scene can also produce bands far more interesting than the likes of Cartel and The Maine.

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For the fans of: Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, Atlantic Avenue, Mayday Parade, The Starting Line, Motion City Soundtrack
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Release date 30.11.2012
I Am Mighty Records

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