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If "Murderer" was a promising introduction to Danish death metallers Deus Otiosus two years ago, then "Godless" is their triumphant breakout album that should cast them into international spotlight within the death metal scene. Sourcing the likes of Morbid Angel and Immolation for inspiration, these Århusians simply improve on almost all aspects of their sound and deliver a classic, sinister-sounding death metal album perfectly capable of contesting evenly against the international heavy weights in the genre.

There's nothing modern or tricky about Deus Otiosus' sound. They believe in a tried-and-tested formula and have seen no reason to deviate from a 90s oriented, thick death metal sound that rumbles and plows its way forward with confidence. The riffs are solid and, if not inventive, then at least memorable, and contain plenty of groove. The growls courtesy of Bo Rasmussen are even more monstrous than before, dominating in a commanding stance above the soundscape, but thanks to great production, everything is balanced in the mix, and the record simply sounds great. That's especially important because the twisted, evil soundscape wouldn't have been possible without a crisp production like this one.

That said, "Godless" is by no means a modern death metal album even if my production comments might suggest that. They're still strictly in the early to mid 90s era, just with good production instead of the shoebox kind we sometimes stumble across. This is how death metal is meant to be played, and it wouldn't surprise me if Deus Otiosus were soon picked up by a much bigger label than Deepsend Records. This band, my friends, is in the Danish death metal scene what Essence is in thrash metal, and this record proves just that.


Download: In Harms Way, Snakes Of The Low, Pest Grave
For the fans of: Morbid Angel, Immolation, Sectu,
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Release date 19.11.2012
Deepsend Records

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