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Written by: PP on 06/03/2013 07:57:26

OK, so who's gonna be the smartass and tell me who See The Sky are exactly? A quick round of due diligence amongst my friends and peers within the music industry resulted in no new knowledge about the band. In fact, most people in Denmark seem to have never even heard of them by name, despite the band accumulating almost 30,000 likes on Facebook as of this writing. Either they're really good at marketing themselves or there's something fishy going on (I've been told by sources that some bands are approached with people 'selling' likes).

Regardless, "NWODOA" is the name of their debut album, and it possesses a sound they've dubbed as 'psy metal'. To translate that into layman's speak, See The Sky essentially play nu-metal, except with an experimental twist that separates them from the average junk that the genre used to spit out about ten years ago. Basically, they sound like koRn if they were interpreted through a Marilyn Manson filter. Yeah. That 30k likes begins to sound all the more suspicious all of a sudden, because this 'experimental' approach that they attempt to pass off as experimental is actually just a weirdo take on nu-metal that doesn't help their style sound any less dated than it does in 2013. It still sounds like the band haven't realized that 2002 was 11 years ago and the music scene has moved on since then.

Now, this would be okay if See The Sky had seen it fit to give the dead genre some much-delayed CPR, and actually managed to resurrect it from its grave properly. But instead, "NWODOA" is plagued with bland songwriting, tired soundscapes, and an uninspired vibe throughout the album. Simply put, it's stuff we've heard koRn play much, much better in the past, and even though it's not a direct clone of their sound, it has enough references to them and other similar bands to leave a bad taste in the mouth of any music fan keeping up with the times. Oh, and did I mention the second track is 18 minutes long on a 13 track album that spans over 70 minutes? Way to kill the album before it even started.

Download: The Dreaming
For the fans of: koRn, Marilyn Manson
Listen: Facebook

Release date 23.09.2012

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