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Written by: PP on 10/03/2013 13:02:19

Midwestern punk rockers Off With Their Heads have reached their third album with "Home", and their popularity continues to surge, bolstered by the strong, no-frills melodies on previous records "In Desolation" and "From The Bottom". The band continues to rumble and roll forward led by the rowdy vocal style of Ryan Young, so fans of their older material will be happy to know that insignificantly little has changed on "Home" in comparison to what you're used to hearing from the band. In other words, it's starting to seem like OWTH are pulling a Bad Religion and writing the same album over and over again, but hey, I'm not complaining, because it's likely to be a solid record each time, which is also the case with this one.

Essentially, OWTH continue to source their sound from the same raw, yet melodic roots as The Flatliners, Banner Pilot, and Dillinger Four have done over the years. Previous album "In Desolation" was slightly more polished in its expression, whereas "Home" returns the band to the sound of their debut album "From The Bottom". Production has been toned down to allow for a rougher and edgier feel to the guitars, but especially the vocals, which when put together are key in creating that 'driving' and vivid punk rock sound that OWTH are known for. Opener "Start Walking" could just as well have been on the first album, the same with "Nightlife" and "Janie", all highlight tracks that are irresistibly catchy despite using the exact same formula and chord progression throughout.

There are a few of attempts at variation, these being the mid tempo material like "Altar Boy Blues", and the more ballad-oriented "Don't Make Me Go", "Always Alone", and "Stolen Away". While they aren't bad tracks per se, the slow and quiet approach has never been where OWTH are at their strongest. They also break the flow of the album, which has thus far been all about rowdy punk rock at an energetic tempo and memorable vocal melodies. They don't have the same groove and immediate effect, and probably won't be very interesting to experience in a live setting either. Thankfully, these are in the minority, and the majority of tracks on "Home" live up to the expectations of a solid OWTH release. It's safe to say if you liked the band in the past, "Home" is just as good as the other two albums they've put out so far.


Download: Start Walking, Janie, Nightlife
For the fans of: The Flatliners, Banner Pilot, Dillinger Four
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Release date 12.03.2013

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