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Mutiny Within II: Synchronicity

Written by: MN on 11/03/2013 15:48:43

Subgenres in metal music are developing at an endless pace and they are created in order to categorize a band's approach to attitude and composition. This classification system does help fans of metal define their preference, whether your taste kindle to clean or harsh vocals, or whether you prefer slow gargantuan drop-d riffs, or the supersonic trash metal riffs that leave you dizzy. Unfortunately, bands are often placed in total gridlock according to their genre, often being fried for experimenting with alternative sounds. This labeling effect can often mean that metal bands stick to the recipe, and avoid trying, for better or worse, other things. Fortunately, such is not the case for New Jersey based Mutiny Within.

The quintet delivers a foolproof concoction of nu-metal, progressive metal, metalcore, and melodic death metal blended. The vocals of British Chris Clancy take center stage and soar like an eagle over the instrumental section. Chris Clancy's vocals are the epitome of supreme metal vocals, he masters the cleans and the screams with alluring precision and professionalism.

The album opener “Embers” is a highly melodic and epic introduction, anchored by the interplay between the vocals and songwriter/bassist Andrew Jacobs' pulsating bass line. Despite critical appraise, Mutiny Within's self-titled debut album only sold 10,000 copies, yet it had gone viral in terms of illegal downloads. "Embers" is a song of protest, raising awareness of the dangers of piracy, and the potential destruction of an entire industry. “In my Veins” follows the opener, displaying memorable melodic hooks, aggressive drumming and a solid shred-solo by the guitar duo.

As a personal highlight, “Machines” retires the metalcore sound of the opening tracks, and introduces Mutiny Within's take on a melodic death metal sound, Chris Clancy's vocals are so painstakingly powerful that his growls rattle your ribcage along with the pounding double-pedals, supplied by a very memorable chorus. As a trademark for most Mutiny Within songs, almost all choruses have memorable melodic lines that are bound to be hits for singalongs at their live shows. The following two tracks “Never” and “Become unfortunately do not surprise, or intrigue the listener as they seem as album-fillers. Despite good melodic hooks, they lack imagination and unfortunately don't stand out as individual ideas, but somehow blend into each other. The listeners' attention is recaptured aggressively on one of the album highlights, the track “Lights” lets the keyboards have a chance to show some grandeur. The closing tracks are highlighted by “Balance” which takes a fail-safe formula; growling vocals along the verse, and exhilarating clean vocals during the chorus. To seal the album, “The Unsaid” is without a doubt the angriest tune of the entire album, despite the commendable vocals, the highlight of the song is Bill Fore's skills on the drums, which despite snippets of greatness throughout the album, finally delivers full potential.

It is apparent that Mutiny Within are still developing their sound, but their experimentation is done with such accuracy that one is left curious to what is going to happen in the future. Chris Clancy handled the production of the record. Not only can the man sing like few others, he can also produce a good record. Keep them coming, Mutiny Within.


Download: Ember, Machines, The Unsaid
For The Fans Of: Killswith Engage, Atreyu, Solution . 45

Release Date 12.01.2013

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