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Sleep Alone EP

Written by: PP on 21/03/2013 23:36:30

"...And that's what hurts me the most!!" is how Britain's brightest hope within emotionally charged melodic hardcore/pop punkers Hot Damn open their latest EP "Sleep Alone", immediately setting in stone that the evolution on their previous EP is here to stay once and for good. What started as a bright pop punk project has quickly taken Title Fight-esque steps in a transformation into an introspective band, where the melodies are rooted in hardcore, yet drenched in emotion, and injected with subtly effective melodies from the punk scene at the same time.

It's an introspective release lyrically which sees their vocalist pour his emotional outbursts through a platform that's halfway polished and halfway roughened to allow for a crisp, yet charismatic and strained delivery. It recalls the first Polar Bear Club release "Sometimes Things Just Disappear" vocally, but also in terms of the angular instrumental work that refuses to stick to the standard melodic hardcore or punk formula. Instead, the band concentrates on depth-laden melodies that build mood and ambiance, where suitably placed explosion points release the tension from the build ups with impeccable timing. The band avoid screaming at all costs though, which is good, because it helps to retain said tension much in the same way as Title Fight do on their masterpiece of a record "Floral Green".

Old fans will be pleased to see "Willows" and especially "Nosebleed" added to the end of the EP for good measure. Especially the latter continues to be the best song Hot Damn has written to date, and because it's more alike the material on this EP than on the preceding one, it makes sense to include it here too, if for nothing else than thematic reasoning. But more importantly, the remainder of "Sleep Alone" EP is on par with these two tracks, showcasing improved consistency and ability to play side-by-side with the big names in this style. Hot Damn is the British band to watch out for in 2013.


Download: Sincerity, Worn Out, Nosebleed
For the fans of: Title Fight, Polar Bear Club, Make Do And Mend, Basement, Balance & Composure
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Release date 26.03.2013
We Are Triumphant Records

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